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Art Transfer

Lustre-Cal can accept files in a number of different ways from most of the major art programs. Please review our Art Guidelines for important information on setting up your files for trouble-free processing at our plant.

One of the most important parts of submitting your artwork is the Artwork Transfer Form ( PDF ). By completing this form and submitting it along with your artwork, our in-house graphics staff will have all of the necessary information to get your project moving.

Art Guidelines

Sending files by mail

Files can be submitted on CD, 250Mb Zip, 100Mb zip, or 3.5" floppy disk in Mac or PC format. Please include a completed copy of our Artwork Transfer Form and a hardcopy proof of your art. Materials can be given to your sales rep or submitted to the address on the form.

Sending files via email

Files can be submitted via email to All attached files should be compressed into a single archive, either ZIP (Win/Dos) of STUFFIT (Mac). Please download and complete the Artwork transfer Form and fax it to us along with a hardcopy proof of your artwork.

Submit files via email


If you have any questions about setting up your files or transmitting them to us, please contact our graphics department by email at or by calling ( 800 ) 234.6264.

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