Domed Labels

Polyurethane Doming Creates a Unique Look

Doming is the process of applying a catalyzed liquid resin to the surface of a printed substrate, creating a 3-D lens that enhances the depth and brightness of the graphics. Domed, die-cut labels can be produced in a variety of shapes, from simple ovals and rectangles to more complex custom designs, and the doming process dramatically increases label longevity by providing protection from exposure to moisture and UV light.

Advantages of Domings :

  • Protects the graphic & substrate from scratches, extending the
    label's service life.
  • Displays excellent UV resistance and will not yellow when exposed
    to sunlight.
  • Flexible material can be applied to slightly curved or uneven surfaces.
  • Unaffected by exposure to common chemicals or moisture.
  • Greatly enhances appearance.

Technical Specifications

  • Service life - estimated 5 years minimum outdoor exposure
  • Temperature range - tested at -45°F to +170°F
  • Nominal thickness - 1.5 to 2mm (.06-.08) max. at center
  • Chemical resistance - will not swell or discolor with brief exposure to common dilute solvents and cleansers
  • Adhesive - various adhesives available for your application (specify surface to be applied to when ordering)

Design Guidelines

  • Minimum label size 0.25" sq. or diameter
  • Maximum label size 12" sq. or diameter
  • Ideal size range is 0.5" to 2.5" sq. or diameter
  • Outside corner radius 0.032" minimum
  • Inside corner radius 0.063" minimum
  • Die-cut shape must not have sharp corners or excessively sharp projections
  • Light refraction may affect color perception - exact color match may require sampling