Digital Printing

Our premium digital presses and offset printing capabilities enable you to design intricate labels to set off your product. Design files are transmitted directly to the press, lowering traditional tooling costs and making short print runs far more affordable and allowing for price breaks for larger quanities. Digital printing provides the highest quality graphics, as well as quick turnaround, and incredible versatility.


Lustre-Cal also offers a choice of many unique materials. Labels created using our anodized aluminum and etching processes have a distinctive appearance and are resistant to the moisture that can damage a traditional label. The etched anodized aluminum process permanently embeds text and graphics into the anodized and sealed aluminum surface. This allows for exceptional clarity of graphics and text with superior durability.

The aluminum labels are pliable enough for application on narrow curves and can be embossed or debossed with extreme precision. Choose from a variety of different finishes: shiny, matte and frosted.

Screen Printing

Lustre-Cal has been utilizing screen-printing technology for decades, using a variety of ink systems. We achieve precision color matching using your choice of supplied samples or industry Pantone standards.