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Lustre-Cal Announces New Aerosol Box

2 April, 2020

LODI, CA- Lustre-Cal Corporation, a northern California manufacturing company, has started the immediate production of the Aerosol Box, a product designed to protect healthcare providers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The box was initially designed by Taiwanese Anesthesiologist, Dr. Hsien Yung Lai. The primary purpose of the Aerosol Box is to shield a healthcare provider’s face from aerosol droplets, while intubating the patient’s airway. The box allows the healthcare provider to move his/her arms freely to perform all necessary tasks, during endotracheal intubation.1

Lustre-Cal Corporation, a family-owned business, originating in 1964, is known for its high-quality custom labels, nameplates, panel overlays, and custom-converted products. Heather Chartrand, CEO, refocused the company’s priorities to support healthcare providers during the COVID-19 global crisis. Lustre-Cal started receiving Aerosol Box order requests from across the United States within days of releasing this new product.

The first delivery of the Aerosol Box was to Emergency Physician, Dr. Tami Gash-Kim at MarinHealth Medical Center. “We are deeply appreciative to Lustre-Cal for their rapid development of the Aerosol Box to help protect our healthcare workers while caring for these patients.” said Gash-Kim.

Lustre-Cal has shipped boxes this week to: MarinHealth Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Hospital, Adventist Health Lodi Memorial, and Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

Hospitals and medical centers can place an order for Aerosol Boxes by contacting Heather Chartrand: [email protected]. Lustre-Cal is committed to helping the medical community across the United States have access to the Aerosol Box as soon as possible.

1 Devon Chang, “Aerosol Box: Protects Healthcare Providers, During Endotracheal Intubation, designed by Dr. Hsien Yung Lai”,