What is Anodizing

Anodizing is the controlled oxidation of aluminum using an electro-chemical process to create a porous surface that is receptive to color dying. A sealer is then applied, creating a surface that is corrosion-resistant and nearly diamond hard. The result is an abrasion-resistant material that will never peel, chip or flake - regardless of age or weather. Lustre-Cal has a proprietary etching process that permanently embeds text and graphics into the anodized and sealed aluminum surface. This allows for exceptional clarity of graphics and text with exceptional durability.

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Anodizing and etching is an electro-chemical process that creates a corrosion-resistant surface that is bonded into the base aluminum. This material is available in .003", .005", .008", .012", .020", and .032" thicknesses, as well as heavier gauges, in any size, with any adhesive, in either a shiny or matte finish, in hard temper for labeling flat surfaces or 0-temper for labeling irregular or rounded surfaces.


Lustre-Cal has developed a proprietary process for dying anodized aluminum. No other manufacturer can provide the wide variety of base colors you get from Lustre-Cal. Anodized aluminum can simulate various materials such as brass, copper and bronze, but at a fraction of the cost. Use color to grab the attention of your customers and to enhance the image of your product identity.

Color Options

Customers may choose to have their text or logo printed in any of our 12 standard colors. All colors of Anodized Aluminum are available in either a shiny or matte finish.

Surface Finish

All colors of Anodized Aluminum are available in either a shiny or matte finish.

Color Fade Resistance

While Anodized Aluminum offers exeptional outdoor durability, certain colors are more resistant to the effects of direct sunlight than others. The chart at left shows the relative fade resistance of our standard anodized colors, in order from the most to least resistant to UV light.

Adhesive Options

We make selecting the correct adhesive easy. When placing your order, you select the surface application for your label, and we choose the adhesive that is right for you. This method ensures that your labels will be produced with an adhesive that is compatible with your specific application.

Logos & two-color Anodizing

Lustre-Cal will include your company's logo on your Property ID Labels at no additional charge. Two-color anodization is also a popular option that can give your labels a distinctive look.

Security Cut Property ID Lavels

Order anodized aluminum property ID Labels with security cuts when maximum theft deterrence is necessary. The security cut option is available on all our popular sizes.

Irregular surfaces, try Annealed Aluminum

Our Annealed Aluminum features a dead-soft temper, allowing it to easily conform to almost any surface. This softness also makes the labels difficult to remove and re-use, providing some measure of security. To prevent re-use, security cuts can be added to any aluminum label rendering the label useless if removed.